Hickory Grove Elementary School Yearbook committee needs your help in creating an awesome yearbook for the 2019-2020 year.  The more pictures, the better.  Please follow the instructions below to submit your pictures for possible inclusion in the yearbook.



  1. All school/club events should go into the specifically labeled folder (NOT the class folder).  These include:
    1. 1st Day of School
    2. Picnic on the Playground
    3. Winter Wonderland Dance
    4. Muffins with Mom or Donuts with Dad
    5. The Launch or Culture Fair
    6. Music Programs
    7. Clubs – Scouts, Newspaper Club, Good News Club, Running Club, Enrichment Eagles, Green Team, etc
    8. Other – Global Day of Play, Nets for Vets, Reading Night, Breakfast With Books, etc
  2. All class events (taken at the 3 parties (Halloween, Winter, and Valentine’s Day) volunteering, field trips, day to day activities, and special occasions) should go into that specific teachers folder.
  3. If possible, please label/save the picture with the class name or event (in case the folder upload doesn’t work somehow).


Options for Submitting Photos:

  1. Email photos directly to: [email protected]
  2. Dropbox download: Email [email protected] and give permission to add your email address to a specific folder.
  3. Upload photos directly to appropriate Google Photo folder below:


1st Day of School (8/14/19) Picnic on the Playground (9/6/19) Family Reading Night (10/1/19) Breakfast with Books (10/3/19) Donuts with Dad (11/15/19)
Winter Wonderland Dance  


The Launch (3/14/20) Muffins with Mom (3/20/20) Culture Fair
Kindergarten – Combs (KC) Kindergarten – Dorsey (KD) Kindergarten – McComb (KM) Kindergarten – Solorio (KS) Kindergarten  – Wikoff (KW)
1st Grade –  Davis (1D) 1st Grade – Isbell (1I) 1st Grade –  Mathis (1M) 1st Grade – Renne (1R) 1st Grade – Wright (1W)
2nd Grade – Ippolito (2I) 2nd Grade – Kurth (2K) 2nd Grade – Lawless (2L) 2nd Grade – Peacock (2P) 2nd Grade – Rauh (2R)
3rd Grade – Bee (3B) 3rd Grade – Bergschneider (3BB) 3rd Grade – Ketcham (3K) 3rd Grade – McGuire (3Mc) 3rd Grade – Middendorf (3M)
4th Grade – Ehnle (4E) 4th Grade – Ellaicy (4El) 4th Grade – Fry (4F) 4th Grade – McKown (4M) 4th Grade – Schacht (4S)
5th Grade – Begner (5B) 5th Grade – Browning (5Br) 5th Grade – Gombert (5G) 5th Grade – Wooden (5W) 5th Grade Candids
Kindergarten Candids 1st Grade Candids 2nd Grade Candids 3rd Grade Candids 4th Grade Candids
Music Program – K & 1st Grade Music Program – 2nd and 3rd Grade Music Program – 4th and 5th Grade Boy Scouts Girl Scouts
Band / Orchestra Newspaper Club Good News Club Running Club Enrichment Eagles
Green Team Staff Pictures Nets with Vets Global Play Day
Art Class World Language PE Music Computer Class