Hickory Grove Elementary School Yearbook committee needs your help in creating an awesome yearbook for the 2020-2021 year.  The more pictures, the better.  Please follow the instructions below to submit your pictures for possible inclusion in the yearbook.



  1. All school/club events should go into the specifically labeled folder (NOT the class folder).  These include:
    1. 1st Day of School 
    2. Muffins with Mom or Donuts with Dad
    3. The Launch or Culture Fair
    4. Music Programs
    5. Clubs – Scouts, Newspaper Club, Good News Club, Running Club, Enrichment Eagles, Green Team, etc
    6. Other – Global Day of Play, Nets for Vets, Reading Night, Breakfast With Books, etc
  2. All class events (taken at the 3 parties (Halloween, Winter, and Valentine’s Day) volunteering, field trips, day to day activities, and special occasions) should go into that specific teachers folder.
  3. If possible, please label/save the picture with the class name or event (in case the folder upload doesn’t work somehow).


Options for Submitting Photos:

  1. Email photos directly to:  [email protected]
  2. Dropbox download:  Email [email protected] and give permission to add your email address to a specific folder.
  3. Upload photos directly to appropriate Google Photo folder below:


1st Day of School (8/17/20) E-Learning Virtual Spirit Week Art Class PE
Pre-K Candids Prohaska – BF AM Prohaska – BF PM Pabon – PK AM Pabon – PK PM
Evans – PK AM Evans – PK PM Kindergarten Candids Kindergarten – Combs (KC) Kindergarten – Dorsey (KD)
Kindergarten – Solorio (KS) Kindergarten – McComb (RKM) Kindergarten  – Wikoff (RKW) Kindergarten  –   Gilles (RKG)
1st Grade Candids 1st Grade –                Davis (1D) 1st Grade –   Mathis (1M) 1st Grade –               Wright (1W) 1st Grade –              Douglas (1DS)
1st Grade –              Renne (R1R) 1st Grade –               Conlee (R1C) 1st Grade – Hudson (R1HU) 2nd Grade Candids 2nd Grade –               Kurth (2K)
2nd Grade – Lawless (2L) 2nd Grade –                Peacock (2P) 2nd Grade –                Rauh (R2R) 2nd Grade –                Brooks (R2B) 2nd Grade –                Cusak (R2C)
3rd Grade Candids 3rd Grade – Bergschneider (3BB) 3rd Grade – McGuire (3Mc) 3rd Grade –         Ippolito (3I) 3rd Grade –                     Bee (R3B)
3rd Grade – Middendorf (R3M) 4th Grade Candids 4th Grade –                    Fry (4F) 4th Grade – Schacht (4S) 4th Grade –  Andrews (4A)
4th Grade –                Ellaicy (R4E) 4th Grade – McKown (R4M) 4th Grade – Connor (R4CO) 5th Grade Candids 5th Grade –               Begner (5B) 
5th Grade – Browning (5Br) 5th Grade – Wooden (5W) 5th Grade –     Ehnle (R5G) 5th Grade – Gombert (R5G) Computer Class
Music Program – K & 1st Grade Music Program – 2nd and 3rd Grade Music Program – 4th and 5th Grade Boy Scouts Girl Scouts
Band / Orchestra Newspaper Club Good News Club Running Club Enrichment Eagles
Green Team Staff Pictures Speed Club World Language Music