Book Fair

HGES Book Fair LogoJoin us in a celebration of reading, books, and the characters we love. . .

Open October 8th-15th, 2021

This year’s fair will be in person, but before and after school,
rather than during the day.

Books Bring Us Together



Book Fair Schedule

Basic Schedule:

3:00-4:30pm (except Wed)



Detailed Schedule

Morning Afternoon
Fri Oct 8th: 6:15-7:10am 3:00-5:00pm
Tue Oct 12th: 6:30-7:10am 3:00-4:30pm
Wed Oct 13th: 6:30-7:10am 5:00-8:00pm
Thu Oct 14th: 6:30-7:10am 3:00-4:30pm
Fri Oct 15th: 6:30-7:10am Closed

Vote for your Favorite Costume
Volunteer at the fair
Scholastic Bookfair Page
Setup EWallet
K-1st Grade Bookmarks

2nd-3rd Grade Bookmarks
4th-5th Grade Bookmarks

Morning Sales Procedure

In the mornings, all parents (including the volunteers) MUST be out of the building by 7:20am.  In order to accomplish this, at 7:10am everyone will be asked to line up at the checkout or leave the building.  We will check everyone out as quickly as possible.  If it becomes apparent that we will be unable to check everyone out:

  • You will be given a bag containing a tag, a sharpie, and an ewallet flyer.
    You can put your purchases in the bag.
  • Fill out the tag with your student’s name and class code (John Smith 4G)
  • Place the bag in the storage bin provided.  We’ll hold your purchases for 24 hours (after that the books will be returned to the shelves).  You can purchase them:
    • That afternoon/evening
    • The next morning
    • On Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, your 3rd-5th grade child can purchase them during lunch from Mrs. Bell, our district librarian. If you choose this option please, total up your purchases and remember to add sales tax.  You can either give your child cash or set up an ewallet for them before their lunch starts.



Kid’s Bookmark Contest

Each HGES student can design a bookmark on an 8.5” x 2.75” piece of paper (¼ a letter size sheet of paper).  The padlets to submit your designs will be available here on the site starting October 4th.  Bookmarks are due October 12th and the winner will be announced at Thursday morning at school.


Kindergarten – Aadhavram Venkatesan KD

Bookmark drawn by a child with hands of all colors reaching towards a book titled "The Day you begin" it has angled rainbow stripes in the upper left and lower right corners and some stars on the bottom.

1st Grade – Abby Olmsted 1R

A bookmark drawn by a child oriented vertically.  It shows a bookcase in front of a stained glass window depicting books. In front of the bookcase are a stack of books and a stick figure girl reading a book.

2nd Grade – Shreya Anand 2K

A bookmark drawn by a child oriented sideways.  The front is on top with rainbows and a Hawk face and says in various places "Dunlap" "HGES" "Seeing the world" "2021" "Shreya 2K".  The bottom half shows the back has a drawing of the world in the middle, with the word "Books" on it and closed books on either side.  It says in various places "Shryea" "2K" "Dunlap" "Hickory Grove Elementary School" and "Make the world a better place."

3rd Grade – Tanishqa Pande 3B

Colorful bookmark with a center tab to go over page

4th Grade – Nishka Bhanabhagvanwala 4M

This bookmark is made with paper cutouts. It's oriented vertically.  At the top is a face that looks like Harry Potter with a red collar and red and yellow tie and hogwarts crest the the right of the tie.  Below that the bookmark is a black rectangle with a yellow angled band in the middle that says "Reading is Magical."

5th Grade – Shourya Sunchikala 5B

A vertically oriented Bookmark drawn by a child.  The bottom little less than half says "Read" on a blue background and has some stick people holding books climbing on the letters.  Above that the background is light green and there's a brain with legs and very muscular arms holding up a bookcase.  Small stick people sit on the books in the bookcase.  Two in the middle are sitting on a book with teh title "Friends" and one is saying "We are connected by this book." On the top of the shelf two books read "Books bring us together"

K-1st Grade Padlet

Made with Padlet
Made with Padlet
2nd-3rd Grade Padlet

Made with Padlet
4th-5th Grade Padlet

Made with Padlet


Teacher’s Dress as your Favorite Book Character Contest

The HGES teachers will dress as their favorite Book Character for our Grand Opening Day.  Students will have an chance to vote for their favorite costume during school on Friday October 8th.  A link to the voting form will be provided here by 10am for those students who are unable to vote at school.  Voting will close at 4pm and the winner will be announced at the Grand Opening.

Vote Here

Fair Events

Coin Wars – October 4th-7th

Monday – Pennies (or higher)
Tuesday – Nickels (or higher)
Wednesday – Dimes (or higher)
Thursday – Quarters (or higher)

Each class will collect coins in a jar at the beginning of the day.  The jars will be taken to the office to be collected and counted by our volunteers.  Each teacher gets to use the money donated by their class for books for their classroom.  This is part of Scholastic’s All for Books program.  Through that 250% of the amount donated goes to books for kids:

100% of the money donated goes for the teacher to spend on books for their classroom at the fair.
50% of the money Scholastic matches for the HGES library to spend on books at the fair.
100% of the money Scholastic matches to give books to a charitable organization.

Grand Opening – Friday, October 8th

Be the first to shop our selection!

Evening Shopping Hours – Wednesday October 13th

The fair will be open for shopping.  If you are unable to make our usual morning or afternoon hours, here’s your chance to shop the fair.  This is replacing Family Reading Night this year since due to COVID restrictions, we don’t have space or staff to be as inclusive as we would like.

Covid Precautions

  • Masks must be worn at all times in the building.
  • No parents or volunteers will be in the building during the school day.
  • Everyone is asked to please sanitize your hands as you enter the fair before touching any books.
  • We encourage people to use credit or debit card to pay.  If your child is shopping during the school day, you can set up an ewallet to allow your child to make purchases without handing cash.
  • Cases and tables will be wiped down with sanitizing wipes each afternoon.