Book Fair

HGES Book Fair LogoJoin us in a celebration of reading, books, and the characters we love. . .

Open October 6th-19th, 2020

The Book Fair is now Closed.



Book Fair Shipping Note

Our fair this year will be online only.  Scholastic is offering free shipping to your house on book-only orders of $25 or more.  In the past, some of our more popular books have come with trinkets such as necklaces, polished rocks, pens, locks (in the case of journals), etc. attached.  Please be aware these trinkets disqualify those books from free shipping.  You can place one $25+ book-only order and a separate order with non-book items and get free shipping on the book-only portion.

Dress as your Favorite Character Teacher Contest Header

This year, the teachers will dress as their favorite character from a book!  The students get to vote for their favorite.

Voting Complete

We had nearly 400 responses and after tallying the votes, our winners are as follows:

$20 3rd Place Prize: Mrs. McKown – 4th grade
$30 2nd Place Prize: Mr. McGuire – 3rd grade

$50 1st Place Prize: Mrs. Renne – 1st grade

Prize: Books from the fair for their classroom.

Look for our Book Scavenger Hunt Header


Navneet Ajikumar (KW)
Audra Charles (4A)

If you (your child) are listed here, please contact us at [email protected], so that we can get you your prize.

Grab your students and hop in the car to participate in our Look for our Book scavenger hunt! We will provide clues for four different locations around town. Our Scavenger Hunt Book logo will be posted at that location (most of them in a window to be visible from outside). Keep track of all the locations.  There will be a submission form here when the last one is posted.  We’ll pick two students who have all the answers correct by random drawing.  Those two students will each receive a $25 gift card to either Book Nook or Amazon (winner’s choice).


Please note: These clues can lead all around town, not just at Hickory Grove
You are looking for our book logo, not a specific book title.

Scavenger Hunt Logo

Look for our Book Logo


Clue #1: HGES School Library

A book is a window to amazing new places
The place has something to do with books and the sign was in the window.

Soar through them young hawk, but don’t forget where your base is.
The Hawks are the HGES mascot, and the base is, therefore, the school itself.

Many stand here to see or be seen
Many kids like to stand by the big library windows and look for friends or siblings who are outside and wave to the ones who are closer.

Look for our book, and wave to Ms. Dean.
“Look for our book” here and in other clues refers to our book logo for the scavenger hunt. Ms. Dean is the HGES librarian and was included to make this clue extra easy for the kids.

Clue #2: North Branch of Peoria Public Library

D’you hear the buzz? Reading is fun
Buzz refers to the beehive they have in the children’s section. Reading points out it still book related.

You will need to enter this one
The sign is not in a window, you have to go inside to find it.

Please bring your card, you won’t need your money
Your library card. Won’t need money is a twofer. You don’t buy books here, and also a reference to the Peoria Public Libraries going fine free recently, which differentiates it from Dunlap Library.

Look for our book, near makers of honey.
A second reference to the bees, since it differentiates it from Dunlap library.

Extra Hint:

Clue 2 Hint


Clue #3: Dunlap Public Library

Books for friends we have on loan
It’s a library.

Beige and brown you’ll find our stone
The building is made of beige and brown stone.

From where the Eagle buses deliver
The High School is the Dunlap Eagles, so the “Eagle busses deliver” to the High School. “From” Indicates this is a starting point and ties in with the next line.

Look for our book, across the black “river.”
The black “river” is the road, and the Dunlap library is roughly across the road from the high school.

Note: Many people answered the High School for this one and we counted it as correct. As it is referenced, and has beige and brown stone walls, and quite a lot of blacktopped roads as well.

Extra Hint:

Clue 3 Hint

Bonus Clue (included on the sign for the Clue 3 location): Dunlap Public Library’s “Little Red Library”

I’m close by, you won’t need your car
This is the bonus clue that was on the sign at Dunlap Library, this clue indicates that you should look around on foot. Also the reference to car was indicating it was near the parking lot.

For those on wheels, I’m not that far
The little Red Library is next to both the handicapped spaces and the bike rack, wheels can refer to either wheelchairs or bikes.

Dressed all in red, but my cap is black
It’s red with a black roof.

Look for our book, around on my back.
This ended up being a miscue. I thought they would place the sign on the back of the box, so that it wouldn’t be immediately apparent before people even saw the sign by the doors.

Bonus Clue Extra Hint:

Bonus Clue hint

Clue #4: Book Nook

Used can be as good as new,
It’s a used book store.

Tangled woods around here grew,
It’s located in Tanglewood Shopping Plaza.

Grab some lunch for a Chinese granny,
Yen Ching Chinese Takeout is next door.

Look for our book, not in a cranny
Cranny was used to make the reader think of the word nook in the name of the store.

Extra Hint:

Clue 4 hint


Origami Bookmark Header


If you or your child are listed here, please contact us at [email protected], so that we can get you your prize.

A big Thank You to Miss Barber, our art teacher for judging between all our wonderful entries.

Kindergarten: Aarohi Kondur (KW) Rainbow Cloud Bookmark

Rainbow Cloud Bookmark

1st grade: Sana Daifuku (1M) Flower Bookmark

Flower Bookmark

2nd grade: Sana Shajahan(2L) Braided Bookmark

Multicolor Braided bookmark

3rd grade: Tobias Botero-Moriarty (3B) Bat bookmark

Bat Bookmark


4th grade: Alex W (4E) Dragon bookmark

dragon bookmark

5th grade: Chisa Akamatsu (5BR) The Wonderful Wizard Of OZ 

Wizard of Oz Bookmark


Submissions are now closed, but feel free to peruse the other submissions on the padlets.

Made with Padlet

Made with Padlet

Made with Padlet

We’re having an origami bookmark contest for our students this year.

  • Design your bookmark your way
  • Submit a picture in the appropriate Padlet between October 2nd-9th
  • We’ll choose one winner per grade

The best thing about the bookmarks is all you need to make one is some paper.  Scissors, markers, colored pencils, crayons, and colored paper can help you bring your vision to life if you have them handy, but aren’t required.

Winners will each get a $10 book of their choice from the fair on us.  We’ll be ordering these all together on the final day of the fair.  

To help you on your folding journey here are some links.  Feel free to use these designs, or others you know, or wander through other origami videos until you find one that catches your eye.

Make paper square without scissors:

Bookmark Designs

Very Easy

This first one is a very basic design that can be decorated 100s of different ways.  Even older students could make some very nice designs with extra embellishments.