Welcome to the HGES PTO Website

The HGES PTO welcomes you to explore our website and learn more about how you can make a difference as a parent or friend of Hickory Grove Elementary School! The 2021-2022 school year will again be a challenging one, as we attempt to move closer to “normal” while continuing to maintain many health and safety protocols.  The HGES PTO is 100% committed to supporting our school and community through this trying time.  The needs for our organization are greater now more than ever.

We will continue to remain active this year and raise money to support and celebrate our very deserving students, teachers, and staff, fund school initiatives like Accelerated Reader, Dunlap Gives Back, staff appreciation, library book purchases, and sponsor both small and large school improvement projects.  Click on our Fundraising tab to learn more about how we raise money.  Additionally, we will host the culture fair, organize room parents, host restaurant nights and social events, coordinate Junior Achievement, provide copy services to the teachers, coordinate the yearbook, and other various activities that enhance the quality of education while increasing cooperation among administration, faculty, parents, and students.

We are very excited to further progress development of our Certified Outdoor Classroom, which officially broke ground last spring. This is a multiphase project that will require support from our entire school community.  Visit our Outdoor Learning Center tab  to find out more.  

Partnering with the PTO is the best way for parents to become involved at HGES.  This benefits all of our kids and also helps you build a community of friendships with other HGES families. Please be on the lookout for specific volunteer opportunities during the school year via e-blast, newsletters and requests from your child’s teacher or room parent. Or click on the Get Involved tab to learn about specific volunteer needs. Your support will help make a positive impact on our teachers, staff and students. We are in this together. #HGESPTO #HGESSTRONG #DUNLAPSTRONG

Please consider joining the PTO!